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A Diploma Or A GED? Some Important Facts

   Deciding whether or not to stay in school and finish your diploma or to drop out and take your GED can be a rough choice. There are a number of reasons you may choose either, but before you make that essential decision, it is best to get all of the facts about both options.

The eligibility for a GED is determined by your particular state. You will need to do a bit of research to decide of you fit your state's criteria. Moreover, you cannot be enrolled in a high school to take the GED. You also cannot have graduated from a high school. You have to be over the age of sixteen before you can even consider the GED as an option. A GED will only be awarded to you if you pass a number of tests within five different academic subject areas. You must score at least a sixty percent on each individual test before you will be considered to have a passing grade. Chances are good that you will have to spend some time studying to get your GED. The exams take a total of seven hours, and you may need some preparation to help you prepare for the test.

The laws regarding high school diplomas also vary from state to state. Most states, though, require that you spend one to four years in a high school environment. There is no minimum age requirement, but most states say you have to earn your diploma before you reach twenty-one years of age. The curriculum varies from district to district, as do the course requirements. You will have to complete the work that your district requires. You will also have to complete the appropriate attendance requirements.

Deciding on a GED or a high school diploma is an individual decision. Study the facts carefully before making your decision.

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